GRPL Hooks - Ryan Frank

GRPL is a flexible hanging system for coats, hats, bags and anything else deemed fit. The hooks are made from beautifully textured, bio-plastic combining real grass clippings with biodegradable plastic. GRPL is not only innovative in shape and sustainable in design but also brings the smells of fresh cut grass into your home.


New Collection SS14 House of Rym

The samples of the collection SS14 from House of Rym are on their way to Holland!
The new patterns are designed by Cecilia Pettersson: ' My hopes were to make the Swedish forest marry Tunesia'. I think she succeeded, LOVELY!!

Tina Marie Bentsen Ceramics

How nice to start this new year with a new wonderful brand in my collection -
Tina Marie Bentsen Ceramics from Denmark!
All production is made by hand and has it own unique expression. Focus is almost always on colors and their expression and on different materials and surfaces which has their special feel to them.
First to be shown at ShowUP 2-3 February, Kromhouthal Amsterdam.